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European Facials

We proudly feature Eminence Organic Skin Care of Hungary.  Each treatment is custom tailored to your skin's needs. You and your esthetician will choose from a wide array of aromatic fruit, vegetable and herbal products.  With fresh aromas, pure vitamin infusions and high bioflavanoid content we are able to address a wide variety of skin concerns including premature aging, sun damage, rosacea, sensitive skin, acne prone skin, loss of vitality, tone and radiance.

The Ultimate Recovery Facial This facial has "the works".  Enjoy all of the benefits of the Eminence Signature Deluxe Facial as well as a 20 minute LED light therapy treatment, 10 minute targeted oxygen/vitamin infusion, a hyaluronic face and neck mask and oil infusion.  What is the purpose of this facial?  This facial was designed to be the ultimate treatment for skin that is damaged or acting up {although it is a great facial for normal skin as well}.  Whether you are dealing with dehydration, advanced signs of aging, dull or sallow complexion, acne, Rosacea or anything in between, this facial is for you.  Each step can be customized to your individual skin.  Not only will your skin look and feel amazing, this LONG facial treatment will relax your body and mind as well.   Expect to feel blissful and rejuvenated upon completion of this amazing facial.  

$225~120 minutes

Eminence Signature Deluxe Facial This luxurious 90 minute treatment will be an experience like no other.  Your senses will be delighted as you take in the organic aromas of the Eminence professional products.  This indulgent treatment includes everything within the basic facial as well as an upgraded peel, eye treatment, lip treatment, foot soak & massage, and allows extra time for facial massage.  Upon completion of this relaxing facial you will feel and see the benefits from the inside out. This experience is completed with a mineral cosmetic application upon request.

$115 ~ 90 minutes

Eminence Signature Basic Facial Give us 60 minutes and we'll have your skin looking fresh and glowing in record time.  Customized facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, steam, minimal extractions, facial massage, specialized mask and hand & arm massage.  This results oriented treatment will leave your complexion hydrated, soft and dewy.  This experience is completed with a mineral cosmetic application upon request.

$80 ~ 60 minutes

The Oxygen/Vitamin Infusion Facial This 75 minute facial is a combination of relaxation and true therapy for the skin.  Featuring the Eminence Arctic Berry Peptide Peel to reveal your freshest skin, while your pores are open and ready it is the perfect time for the oxygen/vitamin infusion.  Pure oxygen along with a vitamin/mineral complex as well as customizable serums will be infused into your skin.  This gentle and yet effective therapy will leave you glowing!  Massage and masking will finish out this amazing facial.  Although this facial is wonderful for anyone/anytime it would also be an awesome choice before a big event!  Refreshed, supple, nourished skin awaits.

$95 ~ 75 minutes

 Mini Facial Pressed for time? This condensed facial is a good option for anyone needing special attention in between their regular facial appointments as well as teens and men.  Your basic skin care concerns are addressed with cleansing, exfoliation, steam, limited massage and moisturizer.  Light mineral cosmetic application available upon request.

$50 ~ 30 minutes

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment Address the concerns of this hard to reach area that is often neglected.  Helps correct and control back and shoulder break-outs.  Includes cleansing, steam, exfoliation, deep pore cleansing {extractions}, special mask, moisturizer and light massage.

$60 ~ 45 minutes


Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Therapy & LED

Microdermabrasion Our diamond tip microdermabrasion treatment removes dead skin cells without the use of harsh chemicals.  This can be a good exfoliation option for clients with sensitivities to chemicals.  This is a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment where outer layers of the skin are removed, stimulating collagen production and cellular renewal.  After your first treatment and subsequent treatments you will notice diminished fine lines, age spots, enlarged pores, and scarring to reveal your best skin!  We recommend adding oxygen therapy and/or LED light therapy for advanced results!

Oxygen Therapy This gentle therapy is wonderful for ANY skin type.  Oxygen therapy is a non-invasive way to make wonderful changes in the skin.  This therapy is great for anyone, even sensitive skin types.  This process encourages new cellular growth, helps to heal acne and scarring, helps to detoxify and purify the skin and can plump and hydrate the skin.  Without oxygen we cannot survive, and as we age the oxygen levels in the skin decrease, not to mention all of the pollutants we encounter every day.  Oxygen therapy will help sooth, detoxify, and nourish the skin.

LED light therapy This state of the art technology uses photopulsation light therapy to promote collagen regeneration, diminish the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, as well as tighten unsightly pores.  Skin appears naturally smoother, tighter and more radiant. Red light therapy targets the depth of the skin to promote collagen function, while blue light targets the p.acnes bacteria that is the root cause of most acne. The combo of blue and red light therapy can be very beneficial for those suffering from adult acne where breakouts and anti-aging are a concern as well as for those suffering from rosacea.  Fresh, youthful results in as little as 15 minutes!


Microdermabrasion {40 minutes} $95

Purchase 3 or more $75 each

Microdermabrasion + LED {60 minutes} $125

Purchase 3 or more $100 each

Microdermabrasion + LED + Oxygen {75 minutes} $150

Purchase 3 or more $120 each


*These treatments are most beneficial in a series.  For more information please contact me for a FREE 30 minute consult to discuss treatment options.


Massage w/Lacey

Swedish/Relaxation Massage Life can be hard on our bodies.  Mental and physical stress can lead to tight muscles, decreased blood flow in certain areas, and mental stress can lead to physical pain.  Each massage begins with an assessment of the body and how it is functioning.  An array of techniques will be used to address all of your concerns while you relax your body and mind.  

$75 ~ 60 minutes

$105 ~ 90 minutes

Hot Stone Massage This special form of massage is wonderfully therapeutic and while it is an excellent treatment for anyone, those who will benefit the most are individuals with fibromyalgia, arthritis or other forms of chronic pain. The heated stones are able to penetrate deep into the tissues without applying excessive amounts of pressure.  If you love to feel warm, this relaxing and rejuvenating massage is for you!

$85 ~ 60 minutes

$115 ~ 90 minutes

Craniosacral Therapy This therapy differs from other modalities of massage, one of the main distinctions being that the client stays clothed for the treatment.  A gentle, hands on approach in a relaxing and safe environment allows for muscle release as well as emotional release.  Some of the conditions Craniosacral Therapy can address are: headaches & migraines, chronic neck & back pain, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, TMJ, trauma to the face, skull or jaw, scoliosis, and post-traumatic stress disorder, just to name a few.  If you prefer a gentle approach and need to disconnect from your mind this treatment would be wonderful for you.

$75 ~ 60 minutes

doTerra Aromatherapy Massage This relaxing massage will put your body and mind at ease.  Beginning with an essential oil foot soak take some deep breaths and begin to feel your tension melt away.  Once on the massage table your will be dry brushed from head to toe (this will help to exfoliate the skin and improve lymphatic flow) Next a customized massage will be performed and essential oils chosen to soothe your body and mind.  Expect to leave feeling blissful!

$90~75 minutes



Brows $20

Lip/Chin $10 {each}

Nostrils $10

Full Face $45

Underarms $20

Half Arm/Full Arm $25/$45

Half Leg/Full Leg $40/$80

Basic Bikini $30

French Bikini $45

Men's Chest $50+

Men's Back $60+

*Need another area waxed?  Please inquire about pricing.


Organic Air Brush Tanning

***As of 5/15/17 we are no longer offering air brush tanning.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  For a wonderful air brush tan please call Organic Bronze Bar @503.372.6500 or Michelle Lummus @503.939.5847.***



Lash Tint $20

Brow Tint $10

Eye Treatment $10

Foot Soak and Scrub $15

Hot Oil Scalp Massage $15

LED add on to facial {15 minutes/one area} $25

LED add on to facial {20 minutes/one or two areas} $45

LED add on to facial {30 minutes/two areas} $65

Arctic Berry Peptide Peel $10

Yam & Pumpkin Peel $10